Burr’bble for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Version 2.0
Fast paced action
     >30 missions + play for score
     > 3 modes (Note: Each missions can use a different mechanic)
          + Against: Don't let land three enemies
          + Time: Have 60 secs to do as much score as you can
          + Survival: Don't let the toxic bubbles get to the water
     > 6 themes
          + Against:
               - Tank
               - Zombies(unlockable)
          + Time:
               - Hive
               - Trees(unlockable)
          + Survival:
               - Lake
               - Swamp(unlockable)
     > Special items
     > Achievements
          + more of 30 achievements when playing for score
     > Leaderboards
          + burr'bble is OpenFeint enabled
          + Gamecenter
     > In game stats
          + Best scores
          + Achievement list
     > Colorful cartoon graphics

NOTE: Current version is 1.05, version 2.0 estimated release date is mid May 2012

Get support for this game app: If you are experiencing any problems with this application, want a make a suggestion or want to contact p3gstudio please leave a reply in this blog or write a mail to: p3gstudio[at]gmail.com

burr’bble 2.0 iPhone/iPod/iPad (universal)

burr’bble HD for iPad

burr’bble Android

Copyrights 2011 p3gstudio

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One thought on “Burr’bble for iPhone, iPod and iPad

  1. Hey guys, with OpenFeint shutting down, you might want to be looking for other alternative services.

    We’d love to have ‘Burrbble’ using Gesophic (www.geosophic.com). We deliver location based leaderboards and other features. Let me know if we can do business together :).

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